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Contextual Computing and The Informed Traveller

I’m speaking next week at the Location and Timing Forum who are holding a special meeting on the informed traveller, in other words providing contextual services to travellers. Next week the meeting is at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, so I won’t really be needing much in the way of contextual services to get me there […]


The TLA nobody likes : DRM

I’ve spent last week at the Open Geospatial Consortium Technical Committee meeting held at the truly stunning Stata Center building of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Very much business as usual for this important standards making body, but on the first day of the meeting there was a one day summit on the specific issue of […]


LHR Terminal 5 Panorama

SDI Thoughts

Let my plumber Jez build your SDI..

The 11th Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference was held last week in Rotterdam, and like many SDI conference the focus of presentations and the profile of attendees was largely from the pubic sector, and in many cases public sector data producers. Many of the sessions investigated in depth, progress to date across the many local, regional and […]

Street VIew

Just think of the guy who has to pedal..

We have been asking people to vote on the tourist destination that would most like to see covered by Street View in the UK. In many cases the destinations short listed with help from Visit Britain, are not accessible with a car, hence these destinations will have the street view imagery captured using one of […]