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UK government starts to get open source

As the Guardian Technology blog notes the UK government is once again trying to push Government Departments into looking at Open Source software solutions at least as an alternative to the proprietary software we all know and love. This is not the big stick approach which has been used in some other countries, here the policy is from a procurement perspective to just make […]

Google Maps – one is impressed

  OK, firstly I’m not a great royalist I must admit, but I am quite impressed by the new Royal Family website. As government websites go this is fairly impressive and well designed with great use of media, social network linking, FAQ’s etc. Of course for me the most innovative part of the site is the Royal Diary […]


Happy Birthday Jumbo

  From Planes Happy Birthday to the Boeing 747 which first flew on this day in 1969. The risk this project represented  for Boeing is often overlooked, had it failed so would have Boeing itself. Of course it was a great sucess and its impact on the world has been profound, long distance air travel […]

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Mapping the Victorian fires – Some important lessons for Europe ?

Nobody can have failed to be moved by the tragedy of the Bush fires which have been devastating Victoria, Australia this weekend. As reported by Official Google Australia Blog the Google Geo team in Sydney worked fast yesterday to get a real-time map of the extent of the fires available online and is has seen extensive use over the last 24 hours. A crucial […]

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Just brilliant @uk_trains

Blogger at the excellent Mobile Industry Review, Ben Smith has developed one of the most useful services to emerge from the event that will become known to many as #uksnow. UK trains is a BBC Backstage powered mash-up which sends travel update information from all the UK Train Operating companies to dedicated twitter feeds, so for me to […]