Merry Christmas !

From the cool photography of Wai Fong Fung, Christmas Greetings from a Galaxy far far away… Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.. with my feet up actually.

Android Context based computing Thoughts

Went for a walk, came back with a map

  Early this week to test a new Android application and to walk of the Google Christmas Lunch, I went for an early afternoon walk near the office. The application I was testing was My Maps Editor and Android application to create and edit Google My Maps, and it pretty much worked first time as expected allowing […]

Ordnance Survey

Success and Recognition.. Who needs it.

The Guardian after a gap of a couple of years has a list of its top sites of the year, and as the article points out the two big trends have been in collaboration and LBS applications. One of the sites selected is a personal favourite of mine “where’s the path” a mashup of Google […]

Fun !! Thoughts

The “modern world” demo…

As anyone who has spent any time as a demo jockey can tell you, the best demos paint a picture for your audience of a future using your tools/products which is both exciting and believable. If your demo and your product was really good your audience would leave enthused with the possibilities now achievable, and […]

Google Earth OGC opensource

Looking for a Google Earth Server

Then look no further than the latest release of GeoServer which has fantastic new KML serving capabilities on a par with the Google Earth Enterprise server. The key new capability here is to stream vector  and raster data to Google Earth as the user zooms or pans  making sure that only just the minimum amount of information is transferred thereby giving the great performance you […]