Data Policy Thoughts

Set the boundaries free

An excellent post by Richard Allan on the Power of Information blog, Geographic Data that Should be Free (In All Senses of the Word). As the post points out there could be a very simple solution to the current problem with OS derived data, make certain types of geospatial data including administrative boundaries and the […]

Google Maps Thoughts

Everybody reads the Terms of Service..

Just like buses on the high street in any town in the UK, you have to wait ages and then along come a bunch together, so it is with the Maps API TOS, which Google revised again today. Clearly section 11 was an area of concern to the community, it is the section that balances […]

INSPIRE Ordnance Survey SDI Thoughts

Place matters: the Location Strategy for the UK

Finally after an extended delay the Dept of Communities and Local Government has published the UK location strategy, Place matters. The blueprint for a UK Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), or an extended job application for someone in Southampton… You decide ! Written and submitted from the Google Office, London.

Data Policy Ordnance Survey Thoughts

A change of direction for the OS ?

From todays Pre-Budget report, a document that’s main focus is the fiscal stimulation of the UK economy, this nugget of potentially very exciting news… “4.54 Re-use of public sector information from trading funds  The HM Treasury/Shareholder Executive assessment of trading funds has considered the potential for innovation and growth from increasing commercial and other use of public sector information. It will shortly publish some key principles […]

Data Policy OS Research Thoughts

Notes from down-under

As the Whitehall farce that is the OS derived data debacle continues, it’s interesting to contrast the flow of public sector information in the UK with that in Australia which I have just experienced first hand at the first Asia Pacific Spatial Innovation Conference. Interestingly for a Geospatial conference there was in addition to the usual technology developments, a […]