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Where is the Path updated.

From the Mapperz blog, news that Bill Chadwick has added the ability to use the Google Earth plugin to his excellent “Where is the Path” application. For a long time this has been in my mind the best OS OpenSpace API site, allowing users to visualise routes using both the excellent OS maps and Google […]

cartography Thoughts

Cartography and the power of the image

Lisa and I sat down last night and watched the excellent first epsiode of a new BBC series Britain for Above, which uses beautiful aerial photography to illustrate what can best be described as the “Geography of Britain”. This looked fantastic in HD (Virgin media managed to key the one HD channel they supply working […]

Data Policy

The economic half life Geodata

At the ESRI UC Executive submit this weekend, Dirk Kempthorne the US Secretary of the Interior announced that the 35 year old archive of Landsat Imagery held by the USGS would be made available for free public access via the web. Of course how federal data is made available in the US has always been […]