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Links for 30 July 2008

Placespotting A interesting idea, a simple game that works like a visual crossword puzzle,  uses the Google Maps infrastructure to create a zoomed in image of an area which you must identify from a global maps using the clue provided.  So for example, this place is.. In the heart of Europa, but not EU This bridge is next to a famous wooden […]

Google Maps

If Hitchcock made viral videos about Google Maps..

I’ve just spent the last couple of days the Google Geo Marketing people, and was introduced to and instantly became a fan of a series of videos produced by the vacationeers, a LA based group of video artists. These were developed independently of Google and are just brilliant.. This is my favourite (please note Daily Mail journalists.. this is a work […]

Apple iphone

Apple censors iPhone forum

Seems more of the ways of the mobile industry is rubbing off on the once shinny Apple brand. This is a link to a disscussion on one of the Apple forums discussing availbailty of the white iPhone as an upgrade for O2 users in the UK. Only it has been removed… Thanks to the wonders […]


A clash of cultures..

In the Retail industry the growth of Apple Sores has really stood out, as a success story in the electronics sector, and anyone who has ever visited a PC World or Currys Digital (Its still Dixons to me) cannot but comment on the different experiences, knowledgable enthusiastic staff, slick processes, great design etc. Well the wheels have come of the Apple Store shine for the past two […]

Data Policy Google Maps

Show us a better way on a map

As many of us have always suspected, geospatial data is a great foundation to finding and publishing all types of government information, so it should not be unexpected that many of the entries for the Show us a better way competition to develop applications using public sector information make use of geospatial technology. These move […]