Links for 27 Feb 2008

Free Wifi on the bus First group in Wales are installing wifi on their route between Cardiff and Swansea, something that the Google commuter buses have had for a while in California, really useful and a first in the Uk I think. Two Mobiles.. then you may be a Terrorist I don’t know many people […]

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Quick and Dirty KML with Mano and Pamela

Mano and Pamela present the first in a series of “hands-on” videos on various aspects of the Google Geo products, this first video is brilliant, a really down to earth discussion of how to create and manilpulate KML in both Google Earth and Google Maps. Almost everybody will learn something from watching this, from newcomers […]


Links for 21 Feb 2008

Airport Security Another place not recommended to run Windows USGS Tele Atlas inside An interesting announcement from the ESRI federal user conference, USGS maps in the future will use TA map data, another step towards the mapping operations of the USGS moving to the commercial sector ? GeoWeb 2008 Student Contest Always one of the […]

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Digital Geography in a Web 2.0 World

I went along today to an excellent showcase of the academic worlds take on Web 2.0 approaches and neogeography. Organised by the team at CASA at UCL the event attracted a large crowd for a one day event to London’s Barbican Centre. Although I was only able to attend the afternoon the presentations I attended […]

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London Web 2.0 map

Interesting “My Map” by techcrunch uk, locating Web 2.0 startup in London, seems like Shoreditch is still the place to be.. View Larger Map Written and Submitted from the Google Office, London.