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OS OpenSpace thank you !

OK so it’s a lot more limited than many other mapping API’s out there, and it has certainly taken a long time to reach this point but the fact that OS Openspace is now open for business is a huge achievement, and believe me I know personally what a great achievement getting to this point […]

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If Dr Who needed a mash-up…

One of the topics which most often comes up in conversation when talking about creating new maps, is how historic information is recorded and displayed. Spatio-Temporal data modelling is a big and scary topic which has occupied the GI Research community for a number of years, and will do for a many more. Today a […]

Google Earth Technology

Backyard Space Photography

From the excellent Google Earth Blog, Frank links to another great example of what the process of democratising technology has achieved. A group of guys launched a fully instrumented sensor package below a helium balloon, which was tracked in real time using google earth and produced some stunning images. The video on their site of […]

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Whitehall and laptops..

An interesting news story from, noting that government staff are to be banned from removing laptops containing personal information from their offices. Is it just me, but should we not be asking why they have such data on their laptops in the first place ? Surely all such information should be held only in […]

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Zillow move should allow other small scale experiments

Last weeks announcement on the Zillow blog that is was releasing its neighbourhood boundary data to the community in Shapefile format is the story of the year so far… (ok so we are only a few weeks in… but this is important) Zillow is the US Real Estate web site that uses much web 2.0 […]