The Knowledge beats Sat-Nav even South of the River..

An excellent BBC Click Online show which puts a sat-nav equiped car up against a London Taxi Driver to navigate around London. As you would expect the Cabbie wins, but it’s an excellent explanation of how satnav works warts and all.

Satnav challenge

At the end of the day like many other applications of Geospatial technology, it the data that makes all the difference.

Although this show is a lot better than many others I have seen, comparing a satnav to local knowledge is always unfair, local knowledge will always win, a better comparison is between satnav and a road atlas, or even asking people directions.

My Advice re choosing a GPS, never waste money on a factory fitted system, they are too expensive and are often a year or two behind the capabilities of modern Tom-Tom or Garmin system, however I just love the Ozzy Osbourne instructions driving instructions !

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  1. On the plus side a TomTom GPS doesn’t need daily feeding, watering and grooming,- just a bit of DC up it’s USB orifice once in a while and £50 for a new set of maps every 12 months or so…

  2. We’re all bad drivers. And when I say we’ I mean evoryene but me, obv. I am fantastic. Except when I’m not but I’m going to overlook those times. Incidentally, I retook my theory part 1 and part 2 motorbike test earlier this year. Retook’ is wrong because when I passed my test (in Germany in 1976) the theory test is very different to the UK theory test. Anyway. I retook’ it for charity and raised a fair sum of money. I got one question wrong on the theory and scored 100% on the hazard perception. I believe the driving test should be compulsorily retaken by all motorists every five years. I’m a bit hardcore, obv.

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