Another thing I have in common with Steve Jobs

It seems along with the generous stock deal, G5 jet and impeccable taste, it seems that I too now share with Steve Jobs a Fake blog. I really have no idea who is behind it, other than I pretty sure it’s not Daniel Lyons or Vanessa Lawrence 🙂 Perhaps those paleogeography-tards are trying to get […]

iphone N95

So farewell N95

Now a full committed disciple of the iPhone, its time to say farewell to the my Nokia N95 which has joined hundreds of others on eBay, there is a depressed market if ever I saw one.. when I last looked there were 1600 phones on the market. Technically the Nokia device is superior to the […]

LBS Mobile

Look no GPS !

This is just so cool, and having used it over the past few months around the world, it actually is improving with time as other users improve our cell database. Another great example of the power of cloud-sourcing and another shot in the arm for the prospects of LBS – as a platform not an […]

Google Maps

There are hills in them there maps…

Without much fuss we added an extra button to Google Maps todays and brought relief to cartography fans everywhere… sorry that is the worst pun I could come up with. The terrain view is offers another perspective of our world and for some users, like those interested in outdoors recreation for example, is really vital. […]

Google Maps Thoughts

Our Dumb World : Who needs the CIA World factbook now..

The Onion a great news magazine and website from over the pond brings us their version of the World Fact Book in the form on a new Google Maps mash-up Our Dumb World – The worlds countries summarised into simple info bubbles, you need look no further for a comprehensive world view. Written and Submitted […]