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Are Vodafone trying to hide a data billing issue ?

In the effort to find lower cost wireless data access I like I’m sure many others signed up to the new Vodafone “Mobile Internet” tariff for data access on my N95. This offers be 120Mb of data per month for £7.50 or $15.00 – not brilliant value but OK ! So imagine my surprise when […]

Google Earth

Only a matter of time… a Starship discovered

We were joking in the office last week, while preparing for the launch of sky in Goggle earth, how long would it take for somebody to mash-up the USS enterprise somewhere in the universe. Well we were close in our estimates,Captain Kirk was found within a few hours ! Written and submitted from home, using […]


The first CD meme..

Listened to the latest TWiT podcast on the tube this evening, which had a great segment “What was the first CD you bought”, as it is 25 years since Music CD’s were introduced by Phillips and Sony. It seems i share the dubious honour of sharing Dire Straits, “Brothers in Arms” as my first purchase […]

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Put your pictures on the planet..

After the buzz has died down about the new sky feature in Earth, I personally think one of the most useful new features is the ability to place images in the landscape, matching the perspective of the location from which they where taken. The new photooverlay element in KML 2.2 is used to great effect […]

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Ogle Earth TV

Stefan Geens the man behind the fantastic Ogle Earth blog, has put together an amazing DIY TV show using Google Earth and Wirecast. Everyday the tools that where once only in the hands of the professionals are now available to the professional-amateur, although I think Stefan may have another career on IPTV waiting for him!  […]