Would you join the line for an iPhone

Well clearly a rhetorical question if you don’t live in the US, but I might for the experience. What do I mean, well you meet a different type of person than in your average supermarket line, case in point Robert Scoble reports on meeting Bill Atkinson in the line outside the Palo Alto Apple Store. […]

Google Earth neogeography Thoughts

Plazes in Google Earth

Despite a few hiccups with the latest Plazer client, I’m sticking with my experiment of using Plazes to track my presence and location. I’m glad I have because, the very interested data behind plazes has now been exposed in the form of a plazes KML file. This is really neat, by logging in you can […]

Data Policy Google Earth opensource

The next step in Open Geodata ?

Projects like OpenStreetMap have proved that it is possible to replicate professional ground survey using low cost consumer grade GPS to create vector data sets that have the potential to complete with commercial datasets. Today I came across a website which describes a technology that could do the same for aerial imagery. Pict’Earth describe combining […]


Spatial Law blog

Increasingly a topic of discussion in both the neogeography and mainstream GI communties are the legal aspects of what we do, from privacy to liability this is becoming the hot topic of the year. So its great to see Kevin Pomfret, well known from a number of conferences presentations starting his Spatial Law blog which […]

Apple LBS Thoughts

Even Macheads talk LBS now

Happy listening to the Macbreak Weekly podcast today, and was surprised to hear a really good discussion on the potential of LBS, PND’s and the rumour that Apple may be developing a standalone GPS device – unlikely methinks. Still it was not so long ago that if you used a mac you were geographically challenged […]