Is this the UK’s most expensive wifi hotspot ?

As an “indepepedent” IT executive a much higher awareness of the cost of business becomes part of your life, a point well made by Mike Barrett in his new blog. So today I’m at the Stoneleigh conference centre, south of Coventry in the UK – and the cost of the centres wifi network is enough […]

AGI GIS Thoughts

Surveying and GIS two separate worlds in the UK…

This week I am giving the keynote presentation at World of Geomatics, for many years the main trade show for the surveying industry in the UK. Although small compared to something like interGEO or GITA, the show is successful and is supported a loyal audience. It is also fully supported by the professional bodies of […]

Google Maps Technology Thoughts

Google Maps api and GeoRSS

Great news announced at the Google Maps api blog today, that GeoRSS is now fully supported in Google Maps. It is now possible just to pass the location of a GeoRSS feed as a parameter to the google maps url to see the feed rendered as an overlay. So produces a map of this […]

Data Policy Ordnance Survey Thoughts

The Lockerbie question and OS funding

This week the guardian “free our data” campaign recaps on a years activities and what progress has been made, not a great deal I’m afraid, awareness may have been increased, but this is still not an issue on the political radar screen because as Charles and Michael point out, there really is nobody in government […]

Technology Thoughts

Why its hard to buy a train ticket…

My local station has got some new ticket machines which allow you to purchase tickets using credit cards – wow !!! When they work that is, and now we know why they often don’t. Surely a job for embedded Linux ? Written and submitted from the BA lounge, Heathrow, using the BT Openzone 802.11 network.