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Google search extended to KML – Wake up everybody

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Google announced that its main search engine is now able to search and parse KML files, the native file format for Google Earth. This was widely reported in the blogosphere but with little comment, I’m not sure most mainstream GIS users are even aware of the news.. […]

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Web 2.0 in 5 minutes..

Just came across a link to this YouTube video which is doing the rounds at the moment. If you are having trouble explaining how or why Web 2.0 is important or different to anybody, it would be 5 minutes well spent… Just needs a little bit about KML methinks 🙂 Written and submitted from home, […]

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Do you need a map comrade ?

I’m not sure of their real value, but I just love the way Landmark are marketing their scanned Soviet Era Military Mapping, or as their say KGB Maps of Great Britain. . Great stuff Guys !! In themselves these maps are not a new discovery but to have them made available in a more accessible […]

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TBL at 3GSM attacks the walls.

Hope I have not lost you with the acronyms, the translation- Tim Berners-Lee gave in my mind quite an important speech at the 3GSM mobile conference last week. He argues that for the innovation needed to really develop the Mobile Web to take place the industry must adopt open standards and turn away from the […]


MapInfo acquires London based GDC

MapInfo has taken over one of its largest UK partners, GDC who have developed a strong range of solutions targeted at Local Government users in the UK. Seems to make a lot of sense for MapInfo, I wonder if this makes the begining of another round of consolidation in the small UK GI systems suppliers […]