The same only different

I visited the IGN Research Department today in Paris, and it was interesting to see the different approaches to solving similar research questions. For a similar sized organisation, IGN has a much larger Research Dept of 100 people, compared to the 30 at the OS. Much of this research is funded by the French Government […]

GIS Google Maps

London: A Life in Maps

If you are in London between now and March next year I would recommend a visit to British Library exhibition “London: A life in Maps“. This is a great treat for anyone who loves maps like the famous Newcourt map of 1658 (above) illustrating London pre the Great Fire. Other maps of great interest include […]


INSPIRE Day – First impressions

A number of press releases including those from the Commission, the Finnish Presidency Website and the European Parliament all provide limited detail as to the final text of the INSPIRE directive, which was agreed late yesterday as a result of a formal conciliation process. Although the actual agreed text of the directive does not appear […]

GIS where 2.0

Where 2.0 2007 needs you…

O’Reilly have announced the dates of the 2007 Where 2.0 again in San Jose, but now May 29-30 , no longer clashing with the ESRI UC – The online Call for Participation in itself is interesting reading as a good indicator of the range of topics the “undergound” GI Industry now covers. Can’t help but […]

GIS opensource Thoughts

MapServer in the Enterprise

This evenings BCS Geospatial presentation by Jonathan Lowe of IBM was a real eye-opener for architects of Enterprise Geospatial systems. Jonathan is working on a large geospatial repository for DEFRA, a major government department. We are talking about a major project here managing temporal spatial databases containing national coverage of OSMM and hundreds of other […]