IT Depts share fate with the Typing pool ?

By all accounts Peter Cochrane’s presentation at this weeks CIO Forum has ruffled a few feathers in the IT establishment. Peter I think made an excellent point calling on the IT industry not to ignore the next generation of IT literate staff, but instead, start to adopt their culture of independence and self reliance. The […]


OS X – Do you really need to be admin ?

As a smug mac user, the one security point I often make to Windows users, is that I am not using a root level account by default, so unlike windows any malware on the mac (if there was any of course) could do only limited damage. While my point is strcitly true, as this Mac […]

GIS Thoughts

Eisenstein at a GIS conference?

It is rare indeed that you are treated to the famous Odessa steps scene of the classic Eisenstein film Battleship Potemkin at a GIS conference.. then Terra Future was not trying to be a normal GIS conference! As I have often argued here, the GI industry is too insular in its thinking, and needs to […]


The Semantic web ‘lightbulb’ moment

Talk to most people in the GI industry about the semantic web, eyes glaze over or people try to move the conversation on to something else. Why is this ? The productive use of Geographic information online is an area where taking a semantic approach is useful, and many would argue vital, if we are […]

GIS opensource

United Kingdom – OSGEO

Following on from last weeks FOSS4G2006 conference in Lausanne, OSGEO the foundation behind the development of open source GIS software is establishing a UK Chapter. This is great news, as the UK GI community is not a great user of such tools (The OS included it must be said – at least at the moment) […]