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London Black Cabs add GPS

This evenings Evening Standard, London’s evening newspaper reports that for the first time London’s Black Taxi Cab drivers are to be allowed to supplement they “Knowledge” of the streets of London with GPS navigation systems. For the Public Carriage Office, not an organisation known for its grip on technology (have you ever tried to pay […]

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Did you feel the earth move..

I’ve just got back from the inaugural meeting of the British Computer Society’s Geospatial Interest Group, another example of GI hitting the mainstream. I was asked a number of questions on positioning technology and the accuracy of data, which reminded me that the OS has just completed it’s Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme. Like most […]

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Perceptions of Open Source

Last week the


Get a Mac TV Ads

With more than a passing resemblance to the switcher ads of a few years ago, Apple has launched a campaign focusing on some of the differences between macs and PC’s. Very funny, but not likely to develop the cult following of Ellen Feiss, although the PC guys does seem strangely familar..