GIS Thoughts

The Printed Map is not dead yet..

Jeff at Vector One writes about the impact that the increased use of web services may have on printing. As he points out while such services make complex business process more accessible to users – I would add both professional and the hackers; there is still a need communicate spatial information and this will result […]

GIS Google Earth

Google Earth – A community GIS ?

The latest Google Earth mystery to achieve fame has been reported by The Register , an apparent flying car spotted in Perth, Western Australia. What interests me most about this and the “black helicopter” spotting craze, is how these sightings rapidly travel around the community of Google Earth Users. Perhaps we are all guilty of […]

Aviation Thoughts

The sound of a Merlin.. (EXPLICIT)

Many of you may know of my fascination of all things aeronautic, so just move on if you are not interested… If you are well, just turn up the volume on your computer and enjoy the video below. You will need Quicktime and a room without children listening…

GIS Technology

Postcodes go AJAX

Chris Lightfoot the smart developer behind the mySociety websites dropped me an email over the weekend, with details of his latest project Postcodeine an AJAX based application that dynamically maps GB postcodes. OK so it may not be very useful, but it’s cool and Chris is making the code available under a GPL. And before […]


OGC – Setting a new direction ?

Today I attended a meeting of around 30 UK based members of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), called by David Schell and Mark Reichardt who are in the UK to canvas the opinions of OGC members. This example of the OGC wanting to understand the point of view of members based this side of the […]