Beyond the Selfie Stick..

Having spent the last few days in the tourist hotspot of Florence, it’s clear that the mobile gadget of the year is the selfie stick, a telescopic stick with a mount for your smartphone to take the perfect selfie beyond arms length.

It’s seems that you have not visited somewhere or taken part in any activity without the accompanying selfie  and it’s only a matter of time before Samsung and Apple start putting more effort in the front facing camera that they do with the traditional one.

The ultimate selfie however may come from a relative of this prototype.. the Nixie.

The Nixie is a personal photography drone,  and finalist in the Intel wearable technology contest, and is brilliant in two ways..  As an example of user centered product design and secondly as a insight into the potential legal and privacy concerns that will come when micro UAV’s become our personal companions.

I’ve already played with this cheap toy, much to the annoyance of the rest of my family.. imagine in the near future when the streets of Florence are swarming with them !

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