The World shortest Commercial flight..

Next time you are stuck back in seat 46G with 30 inches between you and the passenger in front/behind you for the next 10 hours just close your eyes and imagine that rather than flying to San Francisco or Singapore you are flying between Westray (WRY) and Papa Westray (PPW) in the Scottish Orkney Islands. This is the worlds shortest commercial flight covering less than three miles in about two minutes !

Operated by a Loganair Islander on behalf of FlyBe it’s a summer only route and a rare opportunity to fly on an airliner built and designed on the Isle of Wight !

Written and submitted from home (51.425N, 0.331W)


  1. kimo

    But what about the shortest commercial flight in a jet? Little commuter planes are in their own little class.

    I nominate my shortest flight in a Boeing 737 at 13 minutes from Auckland to Rotorua. I was transferred to it from a cancelled commuter flight, and I was the only passenger.

    • Ed

      @Kimo, yes a new category.. can’t beat that although close, flying between Barbados and St.Lucia on a Caledonian DC-10 – 15 minutes with the undercarriage down to cool the brakes !!

    • Ian

      I have seen a flight between Clemmontd-Ferrand and Lyon (approximately 10 minutes flight,) but my shortest would be in between CF and Paris, which was about 20 minutes.

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  3. Rebecca John

    Checked this out after hearing it on the British quiz QI.
    Great piece.
    You do have a typo though…developed in Isle of Wright…it should read Wight.

  4. Rob

    The shortest scheduled jet flight I have been on was A continental express flight from Ellington Field (KEFD) to Houston Bush Intercontinental (KIAH) at aprox 14 mins.

  5. Dave

    Larnaca to Paphos in Cyprus on an A320 is 14 minutes, before the flight continues on to Manchester. You only normally get between 10-20 people who board at Larnaca and everyone is spread out all over the plane for trim/load reasons. And then the plane completely fills up at Paphos….

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  7. Jeff J

    I’ve personally flown the 737 on a 7 minute flight from PSG (Petersburg, Alaska) to WRG (Wrangell, AK in VFR conditions.-

  8. Fredrik

    I’ve just booked a seat from Westray to Papa Westray – and the “long-haul” 16 minute connection to Kirkwall – in September. Somewhat geekily excited 🙂

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