The antidote to smartphones ?

You have to appreciate the minimalist design aesthetic of this phone from Amsterdam based  designer John Doe, but I’m not sure I could really love a phone that only made and received calls, no SMS, email, camera or heaven forbid Location Based Services !!

I tried to use an old Ericsson T28 as my “home” mobile for a while, because I thought it was cool and had a certain retro chic about it… but I missed email, maps, surfing the web too much.

Once you have gone smartphone, there is no going back..

Written and submitted from home (51.425N, 0.331W)


  1. Phil Maloney

    As an old GIS student of yours, I feel ashamed to say I’ve not entered the smartphone world…yet. As a web mapping developer, a keen consumer of location-based services, and an interest in anything Apple, it’s surprising I’m still relying on my trusty old Nokia 6300.

    …that is until the iPhone 5 is announced of course!

  2. Phil Bridges

    My Mum (who is 75) would be first in line for phone like this! There must be a huge market for Seniors who just want a ‘mobile phone’ that is just that a mobile phone. My Mum just wants to talk to her grandchildren, she doesn’t give a stuff about LBS, ‘twatter’ & personal navigation… zzzzzz

  3. Richard Treves

    I seem to remember a few years back (pre smart phones) that the biggest selling phone in Japan was one with big buttons and no functions – the only segment of the market that hadn’t got phones was the elderly and they just wanted a phone with no wires.

    Which reminds me, my girlfriends granny ‘didn’t believe in phones without cables’, so her son used to take a call on the radio phone, tell his Mum it was for her and she’d walk into the other room to talk on the extension with wires. ahhh.

  4. TimW

    Calls and texts are all I need at the moment so I don’t particular want a big handset or a phone with a complicated OS that might break when features I don’t use are updated! I’ve had an iPaq and a Palm Pilot and I now use a paper diary. But if it’s fit for purpose or you like being on the band wagon, that’s fine.

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