Wherecamp EU : A people powered success

A public note of congratulations to the organisers of the weekendsWherecamp EU , well done it was a massive success!

It is often said that the most useful part of any conference are the conversations that happen in the hallways or over lunch, and the bar-camp format used this weekend makes the most of this by doing away with a formal agenda, and making the whole meeting spontaneous.

To many this might seem like madness, but the resulting selection of talks would be hard to improve upon in terms of breath and interest.

Despite a few snarky comments, almost everybody I spoke with at the event, and the feedback I have seen since has been completely positive, highlighting the quality of talks and the discussions which then followed.

The voice of the individual often drowned out by corporate messaging at traditional conferences is prominent at events likes wherecamp EU, and  it is a real step forward to see such events taking their place alongside more traditional industry shows now in Europe.

Wherecamp is an established brand in North America, the next Wherecamp there follows Where 2.0 later this month and is hosted once again by Google at the Googleplex , but at least now we can say there is a real alternative this side of the pond.

Written and submitted from home (51.425N, 0.331W)

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