Panorama – The Colossus Computer

The Colossus Computer at The TNMOC
The Colossus Computer at The TNMOC (click to enlarge)

Today I was able to make a quick visit to the National Computer Museum at Bletchley Park, an absolute must for any geek in the UK. To see Colossus running, to hear it and smell the worlds first programmable computer running is an amazing experience.

There is a great story behind the reconstruction of this machine, which is told at the brilliant Tony Sale’s website.

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  1. Phil Bridges

    Did I really pay £399 for a BBC Model B back in 1984? And then another £100 for a 40 track single sided (100K) 5.25″ floppy drive? Then there was the 2MHz processor, and 32K of ram, of which about 12k was used by the OS, leaving me with a whopping 20k.. woo hoo!

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