Well toto I don’t think we are in California any more..

So I have lost site of the end of line and its getting cold, this is not how it was in Palo Alto methinks.. still less than a hour to go and I would guess around 2000 people here..Just has a chat with a nice lady from trustedplaces.com, a happy Google maps api user.Written and submitted from the area around the Regents Street Apple Store using my Three 3G wireless modem.


  1. Peter Batty

    Hi Ed, welcome to the iPhone club (soon!). The line in Denver was rather less dark, I imagine less cold and definitely not as long! But I’m still really pleased with mine, it will be worth it … used the live traffic in Google Maps on my iPhone to reroute around a traffic jam in Denver just this morning!

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  3. Peter ter Haar

    Well, there were 8 staff and 1 customer (me) in the Winchester O2 shop at 8 pm. I know, much less fun and all, but I had my phone in 5 minutes. The staff really didn’t care a bit, that was disappointing …

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